DeltaBlock Solution

Creating opportunities for listed companies to harness the full potential of the capital markets.


DeltaBlock uses cutting edge research in mathematics, quantitative modelling and HFT infrastructure to build rapid and fast-reacting algorithms. Our technology boosts the liquidity of listed securities by improving their key indicators (market quality of the security), engaging traders, reducing trading friction & risk perception and enhancing the visibility of the company behind the asset for investors.

DeltaBlock's platform makes it easier for market participants to price and exchange the listed security. We transform relatively illiquid assets into a tradeable asset, securing a minimum & sustainable level of trading quality.

Our unique approach allows us to generate at least 2x more liquidity using less than 10% of the resources required by the best alternative in the space.

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Cutting edge research in mathematics

DeltaBlock, co-founded in 2019 by Hamza El Khalloufi (CTO & Co-Founder) used his PhD research in financial mathematics to develop a fusion of stochastic calculus, optimal control and general optimization and applied it to a barely defined component of capital markets: Liquidity.

Through this innovative research, DeltaBlock has received two separate distinction awards in the deep tech space.

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